Stillborn - No Remorse

by TDON Records



Forced 7" coming soon on TDON Records. Recorded and mixed by Nikolaus Preglau at Elephantwest Audio - Vienna Austria. Mastered by Role at Tonmeisterei Oldenburg. Artwork by Gino Pambianchi.


woke up by screams - the daily noise - sickening smell rushes through my nose - no space to move - seeking protection - boredom and panic leads to self destruction - an endless nightmare - the living hell - degraded to objects - our bodies on sale - open the gates - warm light glares my eyes - punching and beating - emphasize their despise - forced by violence into a coffin of steel - pain and fear is all that I feel - my sister died by the weight of the others - I smell blood - the blood of my brothers - flesh supplier - no no name - just a number - born to die - born to be slaughtered - no remorse in abattoirs


released 07 September 2014



all rights reserved


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